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wordsofjesus For every living soul belongs to me, ... The soul who sins is the one who will die. Ezekiel 18:4

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Gen 6.3 And the Lord said, "My spirit does not reside in the human being forever,* because he is flesh." And his life span* became one hundred and twenty years. 

John 20:22 (HCSB) After saying this, He breathed on them (A) and said, [a] "Receive the Holy Spirit.

What the Holy Spirit is

The Respiratory System

Exchanging Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Blood, Oxygen, Lungs

 Pg 7  Importance of Breathing  "An average human organism breathes (one inhale and one exhale) 13 - 15 times a minute, which means that your body breathes 21,000 - 21,600 times in a 24hr cycle. At the rate of 15 breaths per minute, a human life is comprised of a total of 946,080,000 breaths - a full 120 years".  

Meditation and Pain Relief


       0;   Prana can be collected from the air using certain breathing techniques   ( Why it's important for health? ). For example Ujjai Pranayama is a breathing technique that collects prana in the throat by inhaling and exhaling through the nose while the throat is constricted.
Breath, Life and Consciousness
Chinese tradition mentions chi which is spoken of similarly and Hawaii'an Ha breathing tradition also speaks of a similar substance in the air.

  Living Water, Vital Air

Baron Report - Bio Disc

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Job 27:3  as long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils

Job 33:4 The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

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